MCC Transport - Your Intra Asia Partner

MCC Transport is a regional specialist handling all Intra–Asia containerized cargo for the Maersk Group in addition to providing feeder services for a wide range of regional and global shipping lines. Having operated in the market for more than 20 years, MCC Transport represents a group of service oriented and knowledgeable people providing customers with a wide-range direct port coverage and a large corridor portfolio in the Intra Asian market.

  • Headquartered in Singapore
  • 21st largest liner company in the world in terms of nominal capacity
  • Among the top 3 feeders globally
  • Operates 74 ships, ranging from 1,100 TEU to 5,000 TEU
  • Calls 204 ports per week
  • Serves over 4,500 corridors
  • With over 500 staff in local agencies in 14 countries across Asia

Your Intra-Asia Specialist

A trade specialist in the Intra-Asia market for decades, MCC Transport has the experience and expertise to help you steer your business through the ever-changing and rapidly growing market in this region.

This means we understand the requirements and dynamics of the Intra-Asian trade. We are flexible in our operations but at the same time maintain a strong focus on schedule reliability.