A Fresh Look at the MCC Brand 31 January 2017

Though operating in Asia since 1993, MCC was given the mandate to develop and grow the intra-Asia business for the Maersk Liner Business since 2009. From a small feeder company with only a handful of ships and serving only three countries, MCC has become one of the world’s top 20 carriers over the years.

Today, MCC operates in 17 countries with over 70 ships in our fleet, over 200 ports in our extensive network and more than 500 dedicated employees interacting with our customers every single day.

With each passing year, MCC continues to grow and become increasingly recognized as the Intra-Asia Partner. Our unceasing growth and the constant evolution of the industry and market that we serve brings with it a need to renew our identity.

The New MCC Logo:

In the forefront of these changes is the cornerstone of our new brand identity: our logo. 

The MCC logo has undergone significant changes, from a change of its’ typeface to the development and addition of an emblem. The revitalized MCC brand is one with a story and purpose, and is anchored on the foundation that we built over the years while looking forward toward the direction that our company is headed. 


Watch the Logo Revel Video


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