MCC welcomes Remote Container Management 05 September 2017

More than just container tracking, RCM offers extensive visibility on the status of your temperature-sensitive shipments.

FacebookPostRCMFor years, Maersk Line has been the leader in refrigerated cargo transport globally. As part of Maersk, MCC Transport customers can now also benefit from the latest development on reefer technology, Remote Container Management.

Remote Container Management or RCM is the revolutionary reefer innovation that allows customers to experience the ultimate visibility to their reefer shipments. It provides customers access to a myriad of information that indicates the status of their reefer shipments from the time the container is pulled out from depots until its delivery at destination.

How RCM works

RCM_TechUsing internal sensors and GPS trackers that are installed within reefer containers, RCM offers so much more than just location tracking. RCM’s internal sensors collect and transmit data at set intervals, enabling end-users to have visibility on essential reefer status updates such as:

  • temperature settings
  • power status
  • humidity
  • CO2 levels

RCM’s GPS tracking on the other hand provides visibility on the exact, current location of the container, its transport routing, how long the container has been in transit and as well as its estimated arrival.

The comprehensive visibility that RCM offers aims to give customers peace of mind in having the detailed status of their reefer shipments. As it collects and transmits data, RCM also sends out notifications when it detects significant changes in temperature or potential issues that may arise while the reefer is in transit. Customers, ship crews and on-shore teams can view these notifications, which aids in quick decision making and in carrying out any preventive measures if needed.

Registration to RCM is easy – and free!

Basic access to RCM is free of charge, and is available through the RCM Online Portal so customers can check their reefer shipment’s status at their convenience. For a fee, RCM Premium access offers all the features of a Basic access PLUS unlimited datalogger downloads for all of shipments during the subscription period of six (6) months.

Getting access to RCM is simple. Registered users of can already log in to RCM using the same details and password, and go directly to RCM Online Portal.

Download our Quick Guide here for a step-by-step tutorial on how to register.

RCM_SubscribeGet in touch with your local MCC reefer expert today to find out more about RCM. 

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