Aspire Story: What it means to be remarkable 17 November 2017

In a team of highly talented and driven people like Team MCC, being noticed for the positive work that you do is a gateway that opens to a world of career opportunities.

Getting noticed, however, can sometimes be just a fleeting moment that later disappears, a forgettable event. If you want to move forward in your career, you must be noticed - and remembered.

You must be remarkable. 

Being remarkable, as the word already implies, means to be worthy of remark; to be striking and extraordinary. In the workplace, it is when your colleagues take notice of your good work and your attitude, and start conversations around it. 

When we reached out to the management of Team MCC Korea on who we can feature for Aspire, Jason Jeon was their top-of-mind. 

Before becoming part of Team MCC, Jason’s first job was with a PR firm, where he organized concerts and events. The nature of this field of work is what led him to develop the outgoing and positive attitude that his current teammates highly appreciate. 

“Jason stands out because he is always willing to lend a hand, always willing to give more than is required,” shared Mike Jeon, Trade and Marketing Manager of MCC Korea. Aspire_JasonJeon

Give more, stand out. 

Jason joined MCC five years ago as a Customer Service (CS) Specialist, where he learned the ropes of shipping and had the chance to explore other aspects of the business. He later transferred to Trade and Marketing (TNM), a role he’s been in for two years now.

His experience in customer service gave Jason a wider perspective of his role in TNM. Knowing that the end of the week is the busiest time for Customer Service, he makes it a point to assist in any way he can, particularly when there are last-minute changes to vessel schedules.

“I make sure that we have clear contingencies to make it easy for CS to handle and explain to customers,” Jason shares with us over the phone. “I want to help in any way I can, not just to ease the team’s workload but also to deliver the best solution to our customers as timely as possible.”

His colleagues agree that Jason’s consistency in reaching out a helping hand eventually led to a deeper sense of teamwork across MCC Korea.

“He is a positive influence in the office.” reaffirms TNM Manager Mike Jeon. “It’s just unbelievable how he’s always willing to go the extra mile to help our colleagues get things done.” 

We often think that moving up the corporate ladder is the only key to happiness in the workplace. But sometimes, happiness can be found by doing a job that you truly love and enjoy. You can find it by being an excellent team player, and by leaving a positive mark in the organization. More than anything else, the keys to achieving greater heights are teamwork and the right attitude. 

“I’m thankful that MCC saw my potential, and they gave me a chance when I expressed my interest in becoming part of TNM. Now, I always do my best because this is really what I want,” Jason adds.

Jason’s story is just one example of how anyone can be a source of inspiration, whether you’re a leader or an individual contributor. In your own way, you can be a positive influence in your workplace and have an impact to the organization. 

In your own way, you can be remarkable. 

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