Aspire Story: The importance of ‘Our Name’ 21 December 2017

When asked about Amanda Zhang, Shipment Management Team Leader of MCC East China, this is what her manager had to say: “She has an excellent reputation with our customers.”

In business, a good reputation is essential to keeping the brand alive. One of the A.P. Moller-Maersk’s core values is ‘Our Name’, which stresses the importance of upholding our company’s image in the eyes of our employees, customers and stakeholders.  In the years that she’s been part of MCC in East China, Amanda has proven to be a top-notch example of putting this particular core value into action


A reputation built over the years

Building a good name takes time, and this effort starts with the people that MCC customers interact with every single day.

Amanda started building her career, and reputation, in MCC over six years ago, as a Customer Service Specialist. With the expertise she’s garnered over the years, and the special way that she takes care of her customers, Amanda has built a reputation of being a reliable partner for some of MCC East China’s top customers. 

This is exactly what being the ‘Intra-Asia Partner’ is all about.

“Amanda is quick to respond to customer requests, and she’s good at figuring out the root causes of issues. Customers are at ease with her,” explains Cherry Li Fang Liu, Customer Service Manager of Team MCC East China. “I am happy to always hear good feedback from satisfied customers about the way she handles simple queries or complex challenges.”


Keeping customer experience at the core

One of the things that people can learn from Amanda is that putting the customer’s experience as top priority is key to building a good name. To illustrate this point, Cherry Liu shares with us an incident with a Dangerous Cargo (DG) shipment. A customer discovered an error in their DG document, which would have resulted in the entire shipment being off-loaded.

“Amanda spent time ensuring that all 12 containers are loaded on the right vessel. She understood that the consequence would have been costly for the customer, so she quickly found a resolution, coordinated with Operations while assisting the customer in taking the necessary steps at the same time,” shares Cherry. “They were very thankful for her intervention. That really made a mark with the customer.”

Amanda’s years of hard work paid off last August, when she was promoted to Shipment Management Team Leader. 


Our Name as our legacy

Given her new role, Amanda is keen on sharing her expertise through mentorship, and on instilling the importance of “Our Name” to new and younger members of the company.

“First priority is absolutely, your attitude. Be inquisitive. Always be open and ready to ask questions. We need the right knowledge, and at the same time, we need to have the right soft skills to be able to interact with, and help our customers,” Amanda tells us.

Amanda continues to build and uphold this good name for herself, for her team and for MCC – a legacy she wishes to pass on to her colleagues.


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