Aspire Story: The Picture of Engagement 25 January 2018

Lalin feels empowered in the workplace where her value is appreciated and her voice is heard, and this empowerment fuels her passion for the job.


Some people like to share photos of their hobbies on social media. Others prefer to post their travels and new experiences. Many of us feature friends and family. 

Lalin Poly of Team MCC Cambodia also likes documenting all of these things and sharing them on social media. What’s different in her social media feed, however, is that it is also full of snapshots of her life as part of Team MCC. 

When we had a chance to communicate with her, she shared, “I am just happy and proud to be part of MCC.”

It’s no secret that burn out is prevalent in the work force, which is why people like Lalin – whose snaps show glimpses of happiness in the workplace – are so inspirational. 

Today we share with you Lalin’s story, and how she shows what engagement in the workplace looks like. Lalin_Article-B

Lalin started working with the Group in 2007 as part of Customer Service. Three years ago, she transferred to the Sales team as an Account Manager in MCC Cambodia.

With more than a decade of shipping experience and an incredible perspective, Lalin’s colleagues look up to her for inspiration and guidance.

She pointed out that a significant part of our lives are spent at work, so we should make the best out of it. Doing your job well, mingling with your colleagues and finding reasons to be grateful are key to staying happy and positive in the workplace. It’s just a matter of mindset, a way of looking at the positive side of things.

“When your precious time is spent with people with similar goals, there’s less stress. It’s also good when your colleagues become your friends and an extension of your family,” Lalin explains. 

This is perfectly in line with our Maersk and MCC’s relentless focus on people welfare, and on fostering connections as a way in building a better work environment.


Engagement breeds excellence 

An engaged team player is always motivated to give her best and committed to the organization’s goal.

Chanleakhena Chum, CBO Country Manager of Team MCC Cambodia and Lalin’s Manager, attests of her positive influence in the workplace. 

"Lalin is our key employee. She’s a fast leaner and with her experience in the industry, she’s a strong influence in her team. She’s giving so much effort for the team that in return we also give her the proper support and guidance,” Chanleakhena shares to us.

As a Sales professional, Lalin’s positive and outgoing personality also helps her in her job in making sure that volume and targets are delivered. Chanleakhena adds, “She produces result, and she always brings new ideas.”

Lalin is a proof of how engagement affects productivity and excellence in the workplace. She feels empowered in the workplace where her value is appreciated and her voice is heard, and this empowerment fuels her passion for the job.

“Always do what you love. Our job is full of challenges, and doing what you love makes you stronger to face and adapt to any changes or trials. Live your life with no regrets.” Lalin concludes.

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