Aspire Story: Bringing in Fresh Ideas 19 April 2018

There’s a common phrase that says, “curiosity killed the cat”. There are some people, however, that proves this wrong. A lot of times, curiosity brings really cool ideas.

“Inquisitive” and “curious” are two words that describe Jansen Uy of MCC Philippines when he first joined the company a year ago.

He was hired to become part of Sales, but his orientation programme entailed a few months of training with other departments to gain a deeper understanding of shipping before finally going out to meet customers.

Jansen’s first assignment was with Trade and Marketing, where one of his major tasks was to maintain performance management reports.

While delivering this task, however, he started thinking of ways to simplify the process and automate the reports instead of doing it manually. He also wanted to find a better way to present the reports, to make them more aesthetically pleasing and easier to digest.


When curiosity leads to value

His eagerness and curiosity led Jansen to a business analytics tool called Power BI, which connects multiple data sources and is enabled for sharing to platforms like web and mobile. It was readily available in the company IT resources that few people were using.

Jansen had no prior experience in using this tool, but through a few days of self-study, he successfully launched an interactive visualization of the reporting data that was easy to understand and interpret.

The data took minimal effort to update, so his colleagues in Trade and Marketing can maintain it without issue. His sales colleagues also found it useful, as they can download an app to view the latest reports and have a visual reminder of their performance for the week even when they’re out on sales visits.

It was this curiosity and eagerness for a better way of doing things that brought in tremendous value to the team through a simple process improvement. When Jansen was later transferred to Customer Service as part of his training, he also adapted the same idea that has also improved the process and presentation of reports for the team.


A culture of trust and openness

Jansen admits that he was able to suggest these improvements because he felt that from day one, MCC Transport is the kind of organization that is open to new ideas; an organization that continuously seeks improvement.

“The people are diverse yet closely-knitted. Everyone is interacting, asking and suggesting. It’s a culture that is hard to find in an organization,” Jansen adds.

Jansen is now a full-fledged Account Manager of Sales, having completed his training with Trade & Marketing and Customer Service. He is continuously learning, and his colleagues believe that he still has a lot more to offer the business, and the organization.

“Jansen has the right mindset and direction. He is also eager to learn,” says Darwin Lee, Sales Manager of Team MCC Philippines and Jansen’s direct report.

Jansen proves that being new doesn’t mean that you should be silent and reluctant to share ideas. Being new could be an opportunity to offer a fresher take and a different perspective, which is valuable to any organization.

“If you have an idea that has never been tried before, share it. Don’t ever feel that something is impossible,” is Jansen’s message to new hires in the company. “Here in MCC, we are empowered to share our thoughts. In the fast changes in technology, something that didn’t work in the past, could be possible now.” 

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