Aspire Story: Taking Ownership 30 August 2018

Sun Nee was having a late dinner with her colleagues when she received an important message.

It was a WhatsApp message from her team’s group chat about a customer, a first-time shipper of MCC with a shipment that was put on-hold at the terminal due to some discrepancies with the cargo’s dimension.

Being part of the Customer Service team, Sun Nee owned the case and initiated coordination with the terminal. Even while having dinner, she managed to open her laptop and send the necessary emails requested by the port. In the end, the issue was resolved and the shipment was safely loaded to the vessel.

Sun Nee clarified, she’s not saying that we should all work beyond office hours. Just like most of us, she also believes that having a personal time and space apart from work is important in having a healthy lifestyle and well-being.

It was just a special and urgent case, so she didn’t think twice to own and fix it. Just like every employee of MCC, Sun Nee is empowered to use critical thinking in evaluating issues. Not all instances need to be attended beyond office hours, but in this case, Sun Nee decided to take action. 


Key Ingredient to Customer Experience

A passionate team is a key ingredient in delivering customer experience. This can only happen when people learn to take ownership of their client’s challenges and deliver solution.

Taking ownership is something that Sun Nee has learned from joining MCC last February 2017, after working in a logistics company for two years. It is about understanding your customers’ pain points at a deeper level to provide long term solutions. “My greatest learning in MCC is being able to put myself in the shoes of my customers and colleagues,” she adds.

Sun Nee is also grateful for her manager and colleagues for allowing her to have the freedom to personalize her service delivery. This led to developing her own style and honing her time management skills. “Multi-tasking is part of our job, but after a long time I’ve learned to prioritize to attend those that are urgent and important first,” she shared.

May Wong, Customer Service Manager of Team MCC Malaysia, has proven Sun Nee’s admirable work ethics and commitment. “She’s taking ownership of her customers’ cases and has a strong sense of urgency. This made her well-equipped in dealing with her colleagues, leaders and customers. She’s an asset to the team,” she said.


Well-deserved recognition

It’s true that when you do good, people notice. Sun Nee’s consistent performance was even more appreciated by the team when she was awarded as the CS Champion of MCC Malaysia for Q2 of 2018.

This recognition is not just a validation of her hard work, but a proof that understanding your customers and being responsible by owning their issues and delivering results, goes a long way in building partnerships.

“We need to keep in mind the trust that our customers have given us, so we have to take their challenges seriously and deliver better customer experience,”  Sun Nee concludes.




ASPIRE is a series of career stories that puts inspirational MCC employees and leaders in the spotlight. It aims to share unique and invigorating career journeys and experiences to highlight MCC’s proud culture of “Daring to try”



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