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Export Demurrage and Detention

Export Combined Demuarrage and Detention Tariff - South China and Hong Kong ( Effective from 8th June 2017 )

Export Detention & Demurrage - South China & Hong Kong ( Old version - From 01-Jan-2017 till 07-Jun-2017) 

Export detention and demurrage - South China and Hong Kong (Old version - From 01-Dec-2016 till 31-Dec-2016)

Import Demurrage and Detention

Import Detention & Demurrage - South China ( Effective from 01-Jan-2017) 

Import Detention & Demurrage - Hong Kong ( Effective from 01-Jan-2017) 

Import detention and demurrage - South China (Old version - From 01-Dec-2016 to 31-Dec-2016)

Import detention and demurrage -Hong Kong (Old version - From 01-Dec-2016 to 31-Dec2016)

Import-Hong Kong Freetime  (Old version - Tariff Table - Till 2016-Nov-30)

Import Demurrage and Detention

Import/Export freetime at PRS transhipment port (Effective from 01-Dec-2016)

Export/Transhipment Freetime (Old version - Tariff Table - Till 2016-Nov-30)

CNY Specials

 MCC CNY Extra Storage Free Time South China 2018 V180131

 MCC CNY Extended Container Freetime 2018 V180131

MCC CNY Late BL Pickup 2018 V180131