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輸入サービス | IMPORT Service

ローカルスケジュール | Local Schedule 

  • ローカルスケジュールは、トップページのSEARCH SCHEDULE でご検索下さい。日本各港到着日は運航上の理由により予告なく変更となる場合がございますので、最新のスケジュールは「本船動静」メニューからご確認ください。
  • 本船動静 日本における本船のETA/ETDが港ごとに随時更新されています。本船のコールサイン・換算レートもこちらをご覧下さい。(情報はマースクラインと共通です)  


アライバルノーティス・請求書 ウェブ配信移行のお知らせ




海上運賃支払い口座のご案内 (2017年4月1日より名称が変わりました)振込情報通知用Excelフォームはこちら

※ 銀行振り込みの着金処理には、お振込明細受領後、約4営業時間程度頂戴しております。余裕をもったお手配をお願い致します。

 振込明細送付先 (財務会計部) ※カスタマーサービスへのCCは不要です。該当BL番号を明記の上お送り下さい。



クレジットカード 支払い方法のご案内

クレジットカード払い よくあるご質問 よくあるエラーと対処方法はこちら

Import restrictions 

Service Restrictions
No acceptance of 45' container due to Japanese Transportation Law.
DG Cargo is not accepted for delivery at Offdock CY.

Following Outports are out of service.  No acceptance of cargo destined to these ports.
Please contact local MCC office for service to other ports.
   Out of service (in Alphabetical order)
   A: Akita
   C: Chiba
   F: Fukuyama
   H: Hachinohe, Hososhima
   I: Ichihara, Imabari, Imari, Ishikari Shinko, Iwakuni, Iyomishima
   K: Kagoshima, Kanazawa, Kashima, Kawasaki, Kochi, Kokura, Kumamoto, Kushiro
   M: Maizuru, Matsuyama
   N: Nagasaki, Naha, Nakanoseki, Nanko, Naoetsu, Niigata, Niihama
   O: Oita, Okinawa, Onahama, Otake
   S: Sakaiminato, Sakata, Sasebo, Satsuma Sendai, Seibu, Shibushi, Shimonoseki, Shinkiba
   T: Takamatsu, Tokushima, Tokuyama, Toyama, Tsuruga
   U: Ube
   Y: Yatsushiro
   Sendai port resumed service but not yet in full swing.
   Due to limited function on port operation, early cargo pick-up by consignee is required.

Commodities Restrictions
Prohibited Commodities:
A) Heroin, Cocaine, MDMA, Opium, Cannabis/Hemp, Stimulants, Psychotropic substances and other Narcotic drugs. And those sucking/smoking tools
B) Firearms, Pistols, Machine guns, Hand guns, Rifles, Ammunition/Bullets thereof, and those parts
C) Explosive substances
D) Gunpowder, Dynamite
E) Precursor Material for Chemical Weapon
F) Counterfeit, Altered, or Imitation coins, Paper money, Bank notes, or Securities, and Forged credit cards
G) Books, magazine, Videotape, CD-Rom and thereof, Drawing, Carvings, sculpture things and any other article which may harm public safety or morals (obscene or immoral materials, e.g., pornography)
H) Child Pornography
I) Articles which infringe upon intellectual property rights, trade mark, copyright, literary work contiguity right, patent right, utility model right, design right and circuit arrangement utilization right. The goods where such as false brand commodity
J) Any of articles which show false indication of the place of origin
Regulated Commodities:
A) Articles/Live Plants/Live Animals which correspond to ""Washington Treaty""
B) Hunting Gun, Air Gun, Sword and cutting instrumental which blade length 15cm and more
C) Live Plants, Soil Chemical Fertilizer, Live Animals and Products which harm natural environment and against infection protecting method, plant quarantine method
D) Chemicals, Medical supplies, Medical Instruments and thereof in veterinary use
E) Alcohol beverage or liquid, which pure alcohol percentage over 90%

Weight/Measurement Restrictions
20' : 20,320kg (cargo+container tare) if normal chasis is used. 24,000kg (cargo+container tare) if special tri-axel chasis is used.
40' : 24,000kgs (cargo+container tare) if normal chasis is used. 30,480kgs (cargo+container tare) if special tri-axel chasis is used.
Max allowance height: 9'6", i.e. if the container is 8'6" height Open-Top, max allowance O/H is 1FT = 30.48 cm.

Custom Requirements
No specific requirement.