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Cut off times : 10 hours Advanced VSL ETA
Please refer to be low link for vessel ETA / ETD and MRN  CLICK

Commodities Restrictions
No specific restrictions apply.

Road Limitation
20'Dry : 18.0 MT cargo weight
40'Dry : 23.0 MT cargo weight
45'Dry : 22.0 MT cargo weight
20'RF : 17.5 MT cargo weight
40'RF : 22.0 MT cargo weight

The weight of truck, trailer, container tare and cargo all together must not exceed 40.0 MT and that the pressure on each axle must not exceed to 10.0 MT.
Height : Limitation is 4.20 meters on the road and 3 meters by rail (OOG-pieces upto 4.5 meters might be allowed depending on route to factory location)
Length : Limitation is 19 meters.