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  • LCL Cargo (DG and NON DG)
  • Breakbulk Cargo
  • No acceptance of the following to Myanmar:     
    *Logging and timber processing machinery and equipment
    *Mining and processing of minerals
    * Mining and processing of semi-precious stones
  • No acceptance of IMO 4.2 UN 1384 to Huangpu
  • No acceptance of DG Cargo, SOCs, reefers and OOGs to PAT Port in Bangkok.
  • No acceptance of DG Cargo to THKLT (Bangkok Old Port Klong Toey) and THBKKSH (Sahathai) 
  • Solid waste products/Cargo bound for China
    *NOTE: The following documents required prior to acceptance of booking:
            - related import license for solid waste;
            - certificate for registration of domestic consignee of imported solid waste that may be used for raw materials;
            - certificate for registration of overseas supplier of imported solid waste that may be used for raw materials;
             - pre-shipment inspection certificate of imported solid waste that may be used for raw materials.
  • IMO 1, 6 and 7 – conditionally acceptable, pendingdiscussion of local Ops with direct customers.


OOG  Max gross weight (cargo + container +lashing/shoring)
PHMNLTM: 40,000 kg
PHMNL01: 35,000 kg
PHCEBTM: 30,000 kg
PHDVOSW: 30,000/35,000kg per 20/40
PHCGYTM: 40,000 kg
PHGSJMW:  30,000/35,000 kg per 20/40

Secure the following documents/details from shipper:
    - Lashing Plan
    - Total Dimensions
    - Total Weight 
SOC Isotanks Laden: Acceptance dependent on commodity

Empty Clean: Secure cleaning certificate from accredited surveyor prior to loading on vessel (no certificate, no loading)

Empty Unclean: MSDS required, check acceptance with DG desk.
Reefers Specific to Manila and Cebu:

   via Direct Shipper: generally acceptable; if new client, verify acceptability from approving desk

   via Forwarder: acceptable provided below terms are accepted by shipper:

   - commodity is FROZEN
   - ultimate shipper is declared
   - approval from appropriate desk is secured
Special Equipment Generally acceptable
Dangerous (DG) Cargo NO ACCEPTANCE:
- IMO 4.2 UN 1384 to Huangpu
- DG Cargo to THKLT (Bangkok Old Port Klong Toey) and THBKKSH (Sahathai)
Flexibags/Flexitanks MSDS of commodity and manufacturer details of flexibag is required to further check if booking can be accepted or not
Max gross weight (cargo + container +lashing/shoring) for :
Manila (South/North Harbor) 40,000 KGS
Cebu (Cebu Terminal) 30,000 KGS
Cagayan de Oro (Mindanao Container Terminal) 40,000 KGS
Batangas (Batangas Port) 40,000 KGS
Davao (Sasa Wharf Port) 30,000 KGS
General Santos (Makar Wharf) 35,000 KGS
 Subic Terminal 40,000 KGS