Shipping Information and local contact finder

 * Tax Identification no (TIN NO. OR TAX REFERENCE) of the consignee's were required for all import shipments to any ports in Philippines.
 * Consignee or Notify Party's Address indicated in the BL for import transshipment inbound Philippines should be local address. (Ex. shipment inbound CAGAYAN will be transshipped to Manila. Address of the consignee or notify party should be located in CAGAYAN.)



  • Donation/Relief Cargo
    *NOTE: cargoes not declared as donation/relief cargo
  • but consigned to local government units or representatives, i.e. "Province of..." or "Governor of..." or "Mayor  of...", please check consignee details with prior to booking acceptance
  • Used clothing merchandise (garments, bags, shoes, bedclothes)
  • Right-hand drive vehicles (RHD)
  • Breakbulk cargo
  • LCL Cargo (DG and NON DG)
  • used vehicles, used parts and components NOT
    accepted EXCEPT
        - Used parts and components for replacement purposes 
        - Trucks in excess of 2.5 tons (not including
    pickup trucks which are considered as normal cars) 
        - Buses above 6 tons 
        - Diplomatic cars 
        - Special purpose vehicles (includes fire trucks,
    ambulances, funeral hearses, crane lorries, tractor
    heads, boom trucks, tanker trucks, tank lorries, 
    refrigerated trucks, mobile drilling derricks, pump
    trucks, aerial flat-form trucks, street sweepers,
    vacuum trucks, garbage compactors, self loader trucks, man lift trucks, lighting trucks, trucks
    mounted with special purpose equipment, and all other types of vehicles designed for a specific use) 
        - Parts and components of above vehicles 
        - Completely Knocked Down and Complete Built Units of Cars and SUV's are not acceptable till end April 2008

**NOTE: FREIGHTCOLLECT shipments of used vehicles, used car parts and components NOT ACCEPTABLE. However, exemptions can be given after prior consultation with import offices involved in the Philippines.


Acceptance/Requirements for SPECIAL CARGO (OOG/Special Equipment, Reefers, DG, SOCs)


Special Equipment

Generally acceptable

Dangerous (DG) Cargo

IMO 7 (all ports)

Acceptance subj for approval:
IMO 1 to Manila (check with PHIOPS)

Generally acceptable:
IMO 2, 5, 8, 9

Max gross weight (cargo + container +lashing/shoring) for :
Manila (South/North Harbor) 40,000KGS
Cebu (Cebu Terminal) 30,000KGS
Cagayan de Oro (Mindanao Container Terminal) 40,000KGS
Batangas (Batangas Port) 40,000KGS
Subic (Subic Port) 40,000KGS
Davao (Sasa Wharf Port) 30,000KGS
General Santos (Makar Wharf) 35,000KGS

Customs 'Bible' for all Regulated Products