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Thailand Local Charge


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Charges Unit Amount
Terminal Handling Charge (OHC) 20’ (Dry) 2,800 THB
20'Open Top 2,800 THB
40’DC/40'HC 4,300 THB
45'/ 40'Flat Rack/ 40'Open Top 4,300 THB
20’ (Reefer) 3,100 THB
40’ (Reefer) 4,650 THB
Origin Document Fee (ODF) Per B/L 800THB
Per B/L(to Japan) 1,760 THB
Per B/L(to/via Shanghai) 1,800 THB
Surrender Fee (TLE) Per B/L 1,200 THB
Manual Document Fee (MDF) Per B/L 1,000THB
Seal (EME) Per Container 200 THB
Second Seal (ESC) Per Piece 300 THB
Precool (Reefer) Per Container 1,500 THB
Amendment fee (via website) Per time 500 THB
Amendment fee (Manual) Per time 1,700 THB

- Manual Document Fee to be applied if not submit SI via Website or Intra 
- Origin Document Fee to Japand and Shanghai already included AMS/AFR.


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* Bangkok area: Lat Krabang ICD, NH Prosperity Terminal, Sahathai Terminal, and Thai Prosperity Terminal.
** Klong Toey Port or Bangkok Port or Port Authority of Thailand (PAT). 
    This port has been known as different names but all mean the same port.

                                                                                                                                         Update on : 20-October-2017