Shipping Information and local contact finder

MCC Transport is a regional specialist handling all Intra–Asia containerized cargo for the Maersk Group in addition to providing feeder services for a wide range of regional and global shipping lines. Having operated in the market for more than 20 years, MCC Transport represents a group of service oriented and knowledgeable people providing customers with a wide-range direct port coverage and a large corridor portfolio in the Intra Asian market.

If you have any questions, please contact your local MCC representative.

** All information contained on this website is intended for reference only. Refer to your invoice for final charges or fees. **

親愛的客戶好夥伴您好, 本公司提供船隊營運範圍如下:
東北亞:俄羅斯(東方港/海參崴/漁港),韓國(釜山),日本 (關東、關西/日本偏港)
香港、華南 (經香港駁船): 黃埔, 勒流, 水東, 汕頭, 海口, 小欖, 三山, 花都, 太平, 中山, 佛山, 南沙, 新風, 江門, 蓮花山, 瀾石, 防城, 北海, 沙田, 高明, 公益港, 南港, 台山, 新會, 九江, 三水, 簡沙洲, 麻涌, 斗門, 灣仔, 高澜港, 九洲, 赤灣, 蛇口, 惠州, 湛江, 北窖, 容奇, 肇慶, 梧州



辦公處連絡電話: (886)2-2652-5678

謝先生(Jack): (886)2-2652-5701; 0915-899-699 (台北業務經理)

黃小姐(Daisy): (886)2-2652-5702; 0921-105-002

簡小姐(Phina): (886)2-2652-5704; 0921-109-798

陳小姐(Eden): (886)2-2652-5703; 0933-546-409

涂先生(Jeffrey): (886)2-2652-5705; 0921-147-547


高雄辦公處連絡電話: (886)7-823-7711(代表號)
林先生(Bruce): (886)7-823-7700; 0939-777-801 (高雄分公司經理)

林先生(Harry): (886)7-823-7703; 0986-459-052