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MCC Transport, nominated for Best Shipping Line in Intra-Asia

We are delighted to inform you that MCC Transport is nominated for Best Shipping Line for Intra-Asia at AFLAS Awards

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MCC Reefers Get a Cool Makeover!

As the new year unfolds, our trademark will begin to make even bigger waves as the new MCC logo finds itself emblazoned on 2,000 brand new reefer containers.

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Latest News

Reinforcing Digitalisation with MCC App

Now, you don’t need to memorize those shipment numbers anymore, just use your log in and password and you can view all the shipment information in the mobile app anytime, anywhere!

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Breaking Barriers: An Inspiring Female Leader in MCC

MCC Transport is proud of the fact that it has many women leaders and in celebration of the International Women’s Day, we’re sharing an inspiring story of one female leader in this special feature of Aspire.

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Leading Diversity & Inclusion in MCC Transport

This month’s Aspire features two inspiring women leaders of MCC. The first of which is Wendy Weehuizen, the Head of Human Resources of MCC, who is at the forefront of the Diversity and Inclusion in the organization.

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