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A Celebration of Women in MCC

For International Women's Day 2017, we had a chat with two of the many inspirational women in MCC. Find out what they have to say in this article.

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New MCC App now available

MCC unveils a new mobile app to enable our customers to do business with us on mobile

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A Celebration of Women in MCC

When one thinks of the maritime industry, it may be common to think that it’s not an industry for women.

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The New MCC Mobile App now available for download!

In our continuous journey to simplify shipping for our customers, we are thrilled to announce that MCC is unveiling a brand new mobile app!

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A Fresh Look at the MCC Brand

Though operating in Asia since 1993, MCC was given the mandate to develop and grow the intra-Asia business for the Maersk Liner Business since 2009. From a small feeder company with only a handful of ships and serving only three countries, MCC has become one of the world’s top 20 carriers over the years.

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