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Partner with us for your Intra-Malaysia shipments

Bridge the distance from West Malaysia to East Malaysia and ship with your trusted Intra-Asia Partner. Click below to learn more.

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Enhanced TR1 Adds Alternative Access to Myanmar

MCC redesigned its Thailand-Rangoon 1 (TR1) service, adding MITT to its rotation, providing two entry points into Yangon.

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Aspire Story: What it means to be remarkable

In a team of highly talented and driven people like Team MCC, being noticed for the positive work that you do is a gateway that opens to a world of career opportunities.

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Aspire Story: When opportunity knocks, be ready.

Van Nguyen, the Trade and Marketing Manager of MCC Vietnam and Cambodia. Is a leader who believes that success also depends on how you put in the work every day, no matter how small it is.

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Enhanced TR1 Adds Alternative Access to Myanmar

Rich in natural resources and ripe with opportunity for developments in infrastructure, the country of Myanmar continues to attract foreign investment ever since it opened its doors to international trade.

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